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August 27, 2015

13 Stunning Images Of The World’s Highest Cold Desert: Skardu

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The Cold Desert at Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, is the world's highest desert. There are sand dunes in Skardu around the Indus river. Locally called Biana Naqpo and Katpana biana. Katpana Desert is located near Skardu Airport while Shigar desert is located on the way to Shigar valley.(wikipedia)

Here are some sizzling photos of the Cold-desert Skardu:

1. Where sand and snow-capped mountains meet the white sands – SkarduMost Epic Stuff

2. Tree plantations – giving life to a barren beautyFlickr
3. Where there is a will, there is always a wayLight Harmony
4. The road through Skardu at sunset magnificentMy Network Portal
5. Cricket can be played anywhere even in the desert above the cloudsPakwheels
6. Not as barren as many believe deserts to be, where the sands touch the sky beauty rainsTumblr
7. Known locally as Katpana desert, life grows from the base of the mountains – such profound beautyThe other side
8. The mystic beauty of white sandsPinterest
9. Beautiful sand dunesFlickr
10. The clouds touching the sands of SkarduNavi-pon
11. Snow and desert all in one place – stunningPakwheels
12. Who says a desert can’t have color???Photorator
13. Where everything comes together – Probably the most bio-diverse desert…stunning for sureReddit

The beauty of nature can all be found in one place, you just have to look. 

Photos originally posted on shugal.com
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