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Ali Sadpara : Eulogy from Wali Nagri

By   Syed Shamsuddin Eulogy from veteran journalist and famed poet Wali Nagri:  محمد علی سدپارہ کے نام ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ بلندیوں سے محبت تھی اسکی چاہت تھی  وہ چوٹیوں کا تھا گرویدہ اور ارادت تھی پہاڑ دیکھ کے دیوانہ وار چڑھتے تھے میں کیا بیان کروں اسکی کیا شجاعت تھی کہا تھا برف میں اپنا گھر بنانا ہے  تو گھر بنا لیا سدپارہ تیری ہمت تھی  تو مسکرا کے چلا اور رلا دیا سب کو تو کھو گیا کہیں کےٹو میں تیری قسمت تھی خدا وہاں بھی بلندی تمھیں نصیب کرے بلندیوں سے محبت تھی تیری چاہت تھی A fitting eulogy so aptly depicting and lovingly delineating Muhammad Ali Sadpara's sterling characteristics has been brought out by the poet. A torchbearer in the arena of the world of mountaineering, Ali, along with his equally courageous and illustrious co-climbers, hugged heroically the awfully majestic K2 to become its integral part to quench his abiding thirst of summiteering.  Indeed, they made a niche in history by accepting the challenge of scaling the most challenging, the loftiest and the most difficult peak (K
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Mourning Mom's Death

VERILY DEVASTATING AND immeasurably heartbreaking is the passing away of one’s parents that literally wreaks havoc with the offspring. The never-healing wound wrought about by the saddest incident and consequent trauma continues indefinitely and unabated. Put it succinctly, the vacuum created by the heart-wrenching and extraordinarily painful occurrence of parental transition from here (the ephemeral) to eternity orphaning the offspring and that especially of one’s mom literally deprives the progeny of her perennial blessings in this world. The enormity and magnitude of the shock and grief associated with this tragedy is beyond description that causes a vacuum never to fill. In short, it is such a moment of profound grief that no ceaseless mourning or wailing of sorts for the departed soul on the part of the children and the dear and near ones, is to make this gigantic loss reparable in any way; nor can it make the mom’s abiding limitless love, care and affection recoupable or retrie

Icons on the Pantheon of Gilgit-Baltistan

By   Syed Shamsuddin   CUSTOMARY IT HAS been eversince 1947, to commemorate 1st November each year with fitting jubilation and pomp, across Gilgit-Baltistan as the epoch-making triumphal day on which the regional people unshackled themselves and threw off the yoke of servitude fastened to their necks by an unimaginative power id est the Dogras who had forcibly occupied the territory about a century back in connivance with and at the instance of the British India. This initiative therefore, is aimed at paying glowing tributes to, and eulogize the gigantic contribution and achievement of the iconic personages – the victors (ghazis), martyrs (shaheeds) and those who got injured terribly with some losing thier limbs and thus heroically became the change-makers in the regional history at such a very vital point in time and such critical moment and as such emerged as the symbol and source of hope, courage, determination and inspiration to put it succinctly. The momentous struggle marking the

Syed Jafar Shah - An Embodiment of Integrity

By   Syed Shamsuddin RARELY DO A few, very few, in any society or a people or a nation, get singled out to be really counted upon by the dint of the sterling characteristics they possess and the distinguishing qualities they are endowed abundantly with to lead. These, which are prerequisite for a potential leader precisely include great motivation, spirit, strength, righteousness of the cause and above all, integrity all together get reckoned with as the real force-multiplier so direly needed for the guidance of a people on to the path of meaningful progress in an essentially democratic manner. Evidently, the removal of such a person from our midst is, but bound to results into an irreparable loss to put it succinctly. This is all the more true in the case of Gilgit-Baltistan – a peripheral region which lagged far behind the rest all along with the past, in terms of a genuine politico-economic activity so direly needed to overcome the gigantic problems the area faced. At such a junctur